Friday, 22nd October 2021

Japan’s Yoshihide Suga leads race to succeed PM Shinzo Abe

05 September 2020   |   3:10 pm
Loyal to outgoing leader Abe, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga is seen as the candidate who will continue many of Abe's domestic and foreign policies, although many fear he lacks charisma. Julian Ryall reports from Tokyo.


1 day ago
India celebrated the milestone of administering 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses on Thursday, with the government promoting the achievement with song.
1 day ago
South Korea has launched its first domestically developed space rocket but failed to put its dummy payload into orbit, a setback in the country's attempts to join the ranks of advanced space-faring nations.
1 day ago
Australia's second-largest city is expected to come out of lockdown despite an increase in infections. Meanwhile, Latvia is diving into a month-long lockdown.