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Iran nuclear centrifuge plan ‘deeply worrying’ for Germany, France, UK

08 December 2020   |   10:55 am
The countries, known as the E3, expressed concern over Iran's plan to install advanced centrifuges at its main enrichment plant. They said the move runs contrary to the 2015 nuclear agreement.


16 Nov 2019
Iran has stepped further away from its international nuclear pact by restarting uranium enrichment at its Fordo facility, state media have reported. Other parties have called on Iran to stick to the deal.
17 Apr 2021
Tehran says it will produce 60%-enriched uranium as "revenge" for Sunday's attack that it blames on Israel. World powers are trying to broker a possible compromise that would revive the 2015 nuclear accord.
3 Jun 2021
A report by IAEA chief Rafael Grossi says Tehran has failed to provide a proper explanation for the discovery of uranium particles at three sites across the country.
9 Sep 2021
The International Atomic Energy Agency has said Iran is "seriously undermining" efforts to monitor the country's uranium enrichment program, as hopes of reviving the Iran nuclear deal recede.