Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

Indonesia braces for more floods as death toll hits 66

The country's weather agency warned residents that more potentially fatal downpours are on the way. Tens of thousands have been displaced since the start of the heavy rains on New Year's Eve.


14 Jun 2017
Heavy monsoon rains and landslides kill scores in south-east Bangladesh, burying many in their homes as they slept, authorities say.
3 Sep 2017
Heavy rains on Saturday (September 2) caused severe flooding in India's eastern state of Odisha, bringing life in the province to a grinding halt.
8 Sep 2017
Kaduna heavy rains - six-year-old boy killed in building collapse.
24 Sep 2017
Nasarawa rain havoc - heavy rains claim life in Angwan Nungu area.
2 May 2019
Serious flooding has wreaked havoc in parts of Mozambique, as houses collapsed in many areas. Rescue efforts are underway to help people trapped by rising floodwaters in the country's northern region.
21 Oct 2019
Heavy rains have been falling since last week in Ivory Coast, leading to floods in several cities across the country, extensive material damage and the deaths of five people in Abidjan.
7 Dec 2019
Heavy rains kill 265 people in the past two months in Eastern Africa
9 Dec 2019
In tonight's edition :Heavy rain in more than half a dozen eastern African countries has killed at least 265 people in the past two months. With more rain in the forecast, there is now fear over waterborne diseases and the prospect of hunger as crops are destroyed. A former Nigerian governer and a current senator is sentenced to 12 years in jail. He was found guilty of stealing 18 million euros. And finally Ivorian events organizer "La Sunday" is coming up on its first birthday.
19 Jan 2020
Thunderstorms have dumped much-needed rain on bushfires but may cause other problems. More rain is forecast across parts of eastern Australia over the weekend.
29 Jun 2020
A 75-Year Old Man narrates how he lost his as she drowned in Surulere Canal due to heavy rains.
12 Aug 2020
Heavy rains in South Korea cause flooding in some areas and submerged parkways along the Han River.
17 Oct 2020
Heavy rains have flooded streets and cut off highways and railway bridges in the Indian states of Telangana.