Saturday, 26th November 2022

How can architecture combat homelessness?

Rising homelessness is a worldwide problem that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. An exhibition in Hamburg is looking at how to deal with the crisis.


3 Aug 2019
The current system makes it almost impossible to escape the "rigid poverty" endemic in Germany, a new report warns. It also called on the German government to build over 150,000 new properties a year, to avert a crisis.
16 Nov 2019
Homelessness levels rose in Germany by almost 30,000 people between 2017 and 2018, according to new government figures. The situation is even worse for those from migrant backgrounds.
25 Jul 2020
In many architectural schools across the world, women make up the majority of students. Yet why are so many buildings in cities and towns still being designed by men? In a special edition of 'The 51 Percent', we ask what will it take to construct a more balanced approach in the world of architecture. Our reporters visit a neighbourhood in Vienna which has become a research experiment to test ideas of equality in design. Annette Young also talks to Brigitte Métra, one of France's leading female architects.
12 Dec 2020
Daniel Auminto lost his job and then his home when the coronavirus pandemic sent the Philippines into lockdown. Now he and his family -- along with hundreds of others -- live on the street, relying on food handouts to survive. Charities are struggling to meet the ever-growing demand for food as millions of families go hungry across the country.
9 Jul 2021
Our guest is Sultan Al Qassemi, who is not just a friend of the show but also the inspiration behind some of our guests. He joins us in the studio to talk about his latest book, "Building Sharjah", which is the most extensive study of any city in the United Arab Emirates and quite possibly the entire region.
31 Jan
Without a doubt, Louis Vuitton's collection was this year's most hotly anticipated runway show. It was dedicated to the late Virgil Abloh, the label's visionary creative director, who died of cancer in November 2021 at just 41. Covid-19 meant programming was a little lighter than usual, but a host of young labels also managed to put on shows: EgonLab, Georges Wendell and Lukhanyo Mdingi made a particularly good impression, while Kim Jones at Dior Homme put on one of the most beautiful shows of his career. FRANCE 24 takes you to the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week.