Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

How Argentina’s nationwide blackout happened

Blackouts that affect an entire country are incredibly rare. So how did it happen in Argentina? DW examines what occurred in the South American country.


23 Dec 2017
A jury in New York has found two former South American soccer officials guilty of taking bribes.
19 Apr 2019
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11 Jul 2019
The European Union and the Mercosur bloc of South American countries have agreed on the draft text of a free-trade deal. Both sides have been negotiating the agreement for almost 20 years.
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A fire in one of California's wine-growing regions could leave half a million homes and businesses without power. Large portions of the state were already under fire alert when the blaze began.
1 Nov 2019
Hundreds of thousands of people remain without power across California. State electric utilities are keeping the power shut off in an effort to prevent more wildfires after tens of thousands of people have evacuated.
11 Dec 2019
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