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Guatemala’s child exodus leaves empty classrooms and worried families

By France24
13 October 2019   |   5:28 pm
Guatemala's child exodus leaves empty classrooms and worried families.


12 Mar 2017
Pope Francis prays for the victims of a fire at a children's shelter in Guatemala, in which at least 39 people died, and urges the faithful to keep young victims of violence, abuse and wars in their prayers.
4 Jun 2018
A volcano southwest of Guatemala's capital has erupted for the second time this year, spewing ash nearly six kilometers (four miles) into the sky.
6 Jun 2018
Guatemala's disaster agency issued evacuation orders for communities near new flows of volcanic material that sent up a great column of smoke. The new evacuation order set off a panic even in areas that were not under it.
8 Jan 2019
The decision comes after more than a year of tension between the government and the UN-sponsored anti-corruption group. The independent body is investigating top officials and people close to President Jimmy Morales.
21 May 2019
About 2.3 tons of cocaine seized in various police raids in southwestern Guatemala arrive at the air force base in the country's capital.
17 Jun 2019
Ending gang violence has become a priority for citizens in Guatemala, a country with one of the highest homicide rates in the world. One top candidate, a former attorney general, has fled to the US, citing death threats.
23 Jun 2019
A culture of impunity and organized crime have made life dangerous for many in Guatemala. As citizens went to the polls, DW sat down with Helen Mack Chang to discuss the situation for activists in the country.
3 Aug 2019
The deal may see citizens of Honduras and El Salvador forced to apply for asylum in Guatemala. In the US, the Supreme Court has given President Trump the green light to redirect funds to build part of his border wall.
13 Oct 2019
Guatemala's child exodus leaves empty classrooms and worried families.
1 Apr 2020
Convicts at a juvenile detention center in Guatemala make face masks to help with the COVID-19 pandemic, saying they want to help their country and make amends for their mistakes.
1 May 2020
In Guatemala, poor inhabitants in the capital in need of help wave coloured flags to ask for food and medicine as the quarantine has exacerbated economic hardship for many.
6 Nov 2020
The remnants of Hurricane Eta unleash deadly floods in Guatemala, where scores of people have seen their homes destroyed as the weakened tropical depression continues to make its way across Central America, tearing through impoverished coastal areas and sweeping away whole villages.