Saturday, 30th September 2023

Germany underscores commitment to US nuclear deterrence

Berlin says the US nuclear umbrella extending into Germany remains part of its adherence to NATO deterrence. Some Social Democrats in Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition want rid of German warplanes kept ready.


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A new ARD Deutschlandtrend poll shows most voters feel Merkel's party has been successful in pushing its agenda. A majority also say Germany should use its budget surplus to invest in the future.
21 Apr 2020
Germany's leader condemned what she sees as rampant discussions in Germany's federal states about loosening coronavirus restrictions. She urged caution and discipline to avoid increasing transmission levels again.
16 Jan 2021
Germans could be facing tougher restrictions soon, following comments by Chancellor Angela Merkel to politicians. There is already a lockdown, but it's not having much impact, official statistics seem to show.
19 Apr 2021
Annalena Baerbock is said to be tough, talented and very ambitious. Now, Germany's Green Party has named her as its candidate for chancellor. Is she cut out for the job?