Tuesday, 4th October 2022
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Germany: Asylum-seeker who killed Kandel teen found dead in prison cell

An Afghan asylum-seeker who was convicted of murdering a 15-year-old German girl in 2017 has been found dead in his prison cell. The murder case sparked months of anti-immigrant rallies and counterprotests.


24 Nov 2019
Georgians benefit from French health service via asylum claims
25 Nov 2019
Four men spent months sleeping on the floor in a busy transit area of Moscow's international airport, surviving on emergency food rations. Europe's rights court says Russia must now pay them compensation.
26 Dec 2019
Despite the falling numbers, the country still logs the largest share of all EU asylum claims. Around a quarter of asylum requests in the bloc this year were filed in Germany.
19 Jan 2020
Thousands of asylum seekers waiting in streets, makeshift camps around Paris
16 Mar 2020
Yilmaz S., a lawyer working with the German Embassy in Ankara, was arrested by Turkish authorities in September 2019. The prosecution fits a pattern.
27 Mar 2020
Authorities have admitted that large numbers of refugees continue to be attacked in and outside of shelters — many by right-wing extremists. One politician said the newcomers can "expect to be attacked at any time."
25 May 2020
After the EU's top court ruled that Hungary had been illegally detaining asylum-seekers, the government announced it was scrapping transit zones. Hundreds of asylum-seekers will now be moved to reception centers.
14 Jun 2020
In Canada's Quebec region, many people answered the provincial government's call to work in the understaffed health sector during the Covid-19 crisis. But these "guardian angels", who make regular visits to retirement homes or isolated elderly people, are often female asylum seekers or refugees. Exposed to the virus, they risk their own health and due to a lack of working papers, they don't have health insurance cards. NGOs are now demanding that Canada recognise their sacrifice and regularise their status. Our Montréal correspondents report.
4 Jul 2020
International NGO Oxfam has criticized Greece's new asylum legislation, which it claims was put in place to undermine the rights of refugees. The humanitarian group is worried other EU states will follow suit.
18 Jul 2020
More people in Hong Kong say they are ready to emigrate to Taiwan amid Beijing's new draconian security law. Taipei has laid out a welcome mat, but there is uncertainty over how many immigrants will be accepted.
11 Oct 2020
The leaks were published by different news sources detailing how Downing Street plans to crackdown on the migration crisis. Proposals range from sending migrants to offshore asylum centers to having asylum seekers processed on disused floating ferries. Critics and opposition consider the plans to be ‘inhumane.’ Meanwhile in France, #FreeUyghurs trending in light of the Chinese National Day.
27 Dec 2020
The European Court of Justice has ruled that Hungary's restrictive asylum-seeker policies violated EU law. The court said the 2015 migration crisis did not justify the country's decision to override EU rules.