Wednesday, 7th June 2023

German regulator bans Facebook from using WhatsApp data

Hamburg's top data protection official has banned Facebook from using WhatsApp customer data, citing concerns over the "mass building" of user profiles that could be exploited. Facebook says it will appeal the move.


29 Apr
40 years ago, Stern magazine jolted the world with a sensation — the diaries of Adolf Hitler. It quickly turned out to be the biggest fake news story in German press history.
26 Apr
The German army has evacuated Goethe-Institut staff from Sudan amid tense fighting. Some 21 local staff members remain in the country.
29 Apr
After the state of Israel was founded in 1948, Germany, the country responsible for the Holocaust, soon became a diplomatic partner. It is a relationship that has had ups and downs.
1 May
Tehran holds Jamshid Sharmahd responsible for a terrorist attack. Activists and German politicians describe the allegations as unfounded.
3 May
A Russian court found a German citizen guilty of promoting "LGBT propaganda" and decided to expel him from the country.
4 May
Germany's largest ethical bank is selling a multimillion-dollar bond to invest in threatened media companies and promote journalistic independence in Eastern Europe. Both press freedom and investors are set to benefit.
7 May
Germany witnessed a 5.2% decline in exports in the month of March. The larger-than-expected drop was caused by lower demand from the EU, US and China.
6 May
Police confirmed a trip to Germany by Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this month. But such plans are usually kept under wraps. One German outlet now cites Kyiv as saying it's furious and considering its options.
10 May
The rules governing who gets government jobs and how are too lax in Germany, anti-corruption campaigners say. They're pointing at a case in Robert Habeck's economy ministry as an example.
13 May
For nearly 25 years, the German Economy Ministry helped organize — and partially finance — a stand for German companies at one of the world's biggest gun shows in Las Vegas, according to a new investigative report.
20 May
The Teachers' Lounge, a story of a teacher who gets caught between her own ideals and that of the school where she teaches, while trying to solve a case of theft, won the best film at the German Film Awards.
17 May
Six members of a criminal gang were accused of stealing priceless jewels from the Green Vault museum in Dresden. It was dubbed the biggest art heist in modern history by German media.