Saturday, 10th December 2022

German police bust right-wing group planning attack on energy grid

Investigators in Germany say an extremist chat group planned bomb attacks to knock out power nationwide. They hoped to create "a civil war-like" situation to topple the country's democratic system of government.


20 Oct 2019
Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has announced plans to increase random searches at all German borders. The goal is to discourage migrants from moving between EU member states.
24 Nov 2019
Police in the German city of Düsseldorf removed a bright gold vehicle from the streets over concerns it could "dazzle" onlookers. The driver was told the car was unsafe to drive and was forced to walk home.
30 Nov 2019
German authorities watched the highly organized group for a year before cracking down on their banking activities. The suspects are accused of running an illegal hawala banking system between Germany and Turkey.
30 Nov 2019
German authorities say they've arrested a Syrian observed in chat networks seeking ingredients to make the explosive TAPT. When and where the suspect, allegedly with Islamist leanings, was planning an attack is unclear.
14 Dec 2019
A group of seven young men beat to death a firefighter in front of his wife and another couple after they visited Augsburg's Christmas market. The murder has shocked the city and the wider state of Bavaria.
22 Dec 2019
A young woman was on board an airplane about to set off to an arranged marriage in Sri Lanka against her will. But at the last second, an alert police officer intervened.
27 Dec 2019
The late-night Christmas cruiser was pulled over by police outside the city of Cologne. In his defense, the electric scooter rider told police he "accidentally" entered the highway, reportedly still clutching a beer.
31 Dec 2019
Police said a man wielding a sword was shot dead after he threatened officers. Pellet guns, a crossbow and another sword were found at his home.
3 Jan 2020
Three relatives are being investigated after a fire engulfed the ape enclosure of Krefeld Zoo. Dozens of animals died in the New Year's Eve fire.
11 Apr 2020
Drones could be a good way to help enforce social-distancing rules during the coronavirus crisis, two German police unions have said. But their widespread use could raise civil liberty concerns.
6 Jun 2020
Police have raided 40 hate-speech suspects across 12 German states as probes continue into the murder of pro-refugee politician Walter Lübcke. Internet posts were made before and after he was shot dead in June last year.
17 Jun 2020
The latest deadly police shooting in Atlanta sparked a widespread debate internationally over the use of force by police. DW takes a look at the rules in Germany and when it is and isn't ok for officers to open fire.