Friday, 2nd December 2022

German greenhouse gas emissions fall for first time in four years

Though renewables played a role in the 4.2 percent drop it has largely been attributed to warm weather. Despite this good news the country is certain to miss its 2020 target of reducing emissions by 40 percent over 1990.


7 Dec 2019
Thousands of protesters have marched through the German capital in solidarity with the latest global climate strike. Demonstrators of all ages called on the German government to improve its climate policy.
5 Jan 2020
Another person has died and hundreds of properties are feared lost after a catastrophic day of bushfires in Australia's southeast. Authorities are hoping milder temperatures will help ease the threat.
6 Jan 2020
Unusual weather conditions have been seen in different countries in the last few days. Unusual weather conditions have been seen in different countries in the last few days. Worst hit is Australia where lives and properties were lost. Authorities have issued warnings for more damaging and disruptive weather.
28 Jan 2020
The pilot's final radio transmission revealed he would climb to avoid a cloud layer, say investigators. The weather conditions during the tragic flight are being probed by authorities.
12 Apr 2020
The coronavirus has pushed climate change out of the headlines. But as summer approaches, experts say record temperatures and drought could compound problems created by the virus.
1 Jun 2020
Images of the moment NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are told that SpaceX's landmark launch to the International Space Station is postponed due to poor weather. The decision was made with around 20 minutes to go until takeoff.
6 Oct 2020
Footage released by the French army shows helicopters taking off to rescue people in the hinterland of Nice after severe weather hit southeastern France and northern Italy. Torrential rain and flash floods battered the area, washing away roads and houses, cutting off entire villages and triggering landslides.
3 Jan 2021
The ten costliest weather disasters worldwide this year saw insured damages worth $150 billion, according to a report published on Monday. The same disasters claimed at least 3,500 lives and displaced more than 13.5 million people. From Australia's out-of-control wildfires in January to a record number of Atlantic hurricanes through November, the true cost of the year's climate-enhanced calamities was in fact far higher because most losses were uninsured.
6 Jan 2021
Europe's low pressure system Ahmet is the first of 14 wintertime highs and lows named to highlight the continent's diversity.
21 Feb 2021
Snow carpets the capital as a cold front hits Greece.
22 May 2021
More than 40 million people were driven from their homes by continued conflict and worsening weather in 2020 as the climate grew increasingly chaotic.
24 Jul 2021
Global warming, a weakening jet stream and the moon will combine to cause more devastating heat waves and floods in the coming decades.