Wednesday, 30th November 2022

Frozen in time: Andorra, a European exception

By France24
20 February 2022   |   8:43 am
Andorra, a microstate nestled between France and Spain in the heart of the Pyrenees, attracts millions of tourists every year for winter sports or shopping trips for cheap alcohol and cigarettes. Its flourishing financial sector contributes to an image of a tax haven. But today, the principality is facing criticism. Its institutions date back to the Middle Ages and have evolved little since, especially when it comes to women's rights and abortion, which is illegal in Andorra. Our regional correspondents Laura Cambaud, Léa Caboche and Sarah Morris report.


19 Jun 2018
There's outrage from both sides of the political spectrum over Donald Trump's migration policy that's seen children separated from their parents.
15 Nov 2019
Smugglers have resumed their illegal trade through airports since the closure of Nigeria's land borders in August. Comptroller of Customs, Lagos airport command, Wale Adeniyi disclosed this after making some seizures.
30 Nov 2019
“Frozen” actresses Kristen Bell, who plays Anna, and Idina Menzel, who plays Elsa, unveil their stars on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame, several days before “Frozen 2”, the sequel to Disney’s animated smash hit, is released.
22 Nov 2019
Film show: Will 'Frozen 2' melt your heart or leave you cold?
2 Dec 2019
A row has erupted in the UK between the Conservative party and a news broadcaster over a leaders’ TV debate on the climate crisis. After refusing to take part, Boris Johnson is up in arms after producers replaced him with an ice sculpture.
2 Dec 2019
Emergency responders work on the site where a passenger bus has plunged off a bridge onto a frozen river in Siberia on Sunday, killing 19 of the more than 40 people on board, authorities said.
28 Dec 2019
Workers start toiling on a frozen river in northeast China before dawn, using hand tools and machines to carve large ice blocks for an annual winter sculpture festival.
29 Dec 2019
Nothing seems impossible for a trio of Russian ice swimming enthusiasts who put up an artificial fir tree on the bottom of the world's deepest lake to celebrate the country's holiday. The tree was installed near the shore, at the depth of some 3 meters, after the swimmers cut a hole in the thick ice. They said the water temperature of just above 0 degrees Celsius and an icy wind did not deter them.
25 Jul 2020
Seoul has summoned Iran's ambassador to South Korea and lodged a protest over Tehran's threat to take legal action over the freezing of Iranian assets in South Korean banks. Julian Ryall reports.
29 Dec 2020
Researchers have discovered a thermopolium -- the ancestor of the street fast-food in Ancient Rome -- in Pompeii, decorated with polychrome patterns and in an exceptional state of preservation. The counter, frozen by volcanic ash, had been partially exhumed in 2019, but the work was extended to preserve the site, located in a very busy neighbourhood.
22 Jan 2021
Here are a few reasons to pick up a copy of The Guardian on Saturday. Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Saturday.⁣ ⁣
22 Feb 2021
A 2,600-foot runway is open to the public in Alton Bay in Lake Winnipesaukee, in the US state of New Hampshire. The runway is built on the frozen lake as soon as there is at least 12 inches or more of solid ice evenly distributed through the bay area.