Wednesday, 8th February 2023

French government to present its pension reform plans, including raising retirement age

By France24
11 January 2023   |   10:24 am
Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne is scheduled to unveil Emmanuel Macron's cornerstone reform later on Tuesday. The government argues the system is currently financially unsustainable and will need more contributions going forward.


24 Aug 2019
The World Health Organization has said that the level of microplastic particles in drinking water isn't a major cause for concern. However, it warned that more research was needed into their effects on human health.
16 Sep 2019
Signing AfCFTA could present new security threats for Nigeria - IGP
8 Sep 2019
The fight against femicide: French government opens campaign against spouse abuse
1 Oct 2019
'Migration has long been present across the ages and across the continents'
8 Oct 2019
Moment Buhari arrived National Assembly to present the 2020 budget
15 Nov 2019
British artist and film-maker Steve McQueen's new exhibition, "Year 3", is presented in London, featuring more than 3000 school year group photos of 7 or 8 years-old Londoners exhibited in the Tate Britain museum and in some public places in London.
4 Dec 2019
Beginning from January 2020, evidence of tax payment will be a condition for operating a bank account. That is according to the Financial bill passed by the National Assembly.
11 Feb 2020
Kogi Guber Election: INEC set to present 271 witnesses
29 Sep 2020
Here are a few reasons to pick up a copy of The Guardian on Tuesday Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Tuesday.
24 Oct 2020
The recent killing of a farmer in South Africa has reignited racial tensions in recent weeks, we talk to our correspondent in Cape Town for the latest. Also on the programme, Nigeria is in its 9th day of anti-police brutality protests, we bring you the latest. And in Kenya, efforts to stop poaching have wielded great results as the elephant population has doubled within 30 years.
12 Jan 2021
The outgoing president and vice president have pledged to carry on working together for the last few days of their term. Trump has also declared a state of emergency for the capital.
28 Apr 2021
Euskal Gozogileak (Basque Confectioners) association members exhibit a life-size chocolate version of Picasso's painting "Guernica" in the Spanish Basque town of Guernica. The 7.70m x 3.50m chocolate replica made by around 40 confectioners is been exhibited in the town to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the 1937 bombing raid of the small Basque town by Nazi aircraft, at the behest of General Francisco Franco.