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Fast-forwarded video shows tourist boat sinking in Colombian reservoir

By Reuters
26 June 2017   |   2:57 pm
Fast-forwarded video shows tourist boat sinking in Colombian reservoir.


30 Jun 2019
The case involved a young boy who was injured after walking into a glass door on vacation in Gran Canaria. An attempt to seek damages has failed so far, but it was given a second chance by Germany's highest civil court.
4 Jul 2019
A volcano on the Italian island of Stromboli has killed at least one tourist, after two particularly powerful explosions. A huge plume of smoke could be seen over the island afterwards.
14 Oct 2019
Saudi Arabia threw open its doors on Friday to foreign tourists when she launched a new visa regime for 49 countries and appealed to foreign investors to invest in a sector it hopes should contribute 10% of gross domestic product by 2030.
6 Nov 2019
Why Japan's oldest cemetery is becoming a tourist attraction
23 Nov 2019
Vaulted ceilings and rows of stone columns stretch into the humid darkness deep below the Philippine capital, where workers are transforming an over century-old underground reservoir into a draw for tourists.
27 Nov 2019
Australian police have located the body of the missing British tourist Aslan King, a police spokesperson said on Tuesday.
13 Jan 2020
1.6 Million passengers. That's the number of people the Lagos Bus Service has catered to since the start of the Oshodi Interchange operations.
23 Apr 2020
South Africa's tourism sector is on the verge of collapse because of the coronavirus crisis. On Thursday, the last German tourists are to be evacuated.
3 May 2020
Chancellor Merkel's Cabinet has approved the measure for all tourism trips abroad. Meanwhile, the US now has over 1 million cases of COVID-19. Follow DW for the latest.
19 May 2020
Germany's top diplomat Heiko Maas is to hold a conference with his Mediterranean counterparts to discuss plans for the summer tourism season. Countries like Greece and Croatia have weathered the pandemic relatively well.
28 Aug 2020
An abandoned quarry in Nigeria's Federal capital territory, Abuja has become a tourist hotspot for fun-loving Nigerian. Known as Crushed Rock, the newfound site sits in the Mpape neighborhood and has been receiving hundreds of visitors from Abuja and its environs.
14 Oct 2020
The Japanese visitor traveled to Peru with plans to see Machu Picchu. Instead, he spent seven months in lockdown. When the local tourism authority heard about his plight, they decided to organize a special visit.