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Europe’s migrant crisis: ‘To do nothing is to let people die’

By France 24
06 July 2017   |   4:18 pm
EU interior ministers are in Estonia for a meeting to address the migrant crisis.


16 Jun 2017
73,335 migrants who braved the deadly Mediterranean route have arrived Europe so far, in 2017. Italy, Greece & Bulgaria are the top three welcoming European countries.
6 Jul 2017
EU interior ministers are in Estonia for a meeting to address the migrant crisis.
7 Sep 2017
At the end of 2016, 65 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide, a figure almost equal to the population of France.
20 Oct 2017
Libya's crackdown on people trafficking into Europe has forced smugglers into a new course through Tunisian waters, with many migrants being unemployed Tunisians.
27 Apr 2018
Israel has been trying to find a way to force between 30,000 and 40,000 African migrants to leave the country. Many of them arrived years ago when they were minors.
5 Jun 2018
As more die at sea trying to reach Europe from North Africa, our panel discusses where the real migration solution lies.
31 Aug 2018
Hyperinflation, a lack of food and medicine force thousands of Venezuelans every day to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Many of them in Brazil. The situation in Roraima state has become increasingly difficult - and occasionally violent.
2 Oct 2018
Chancellor Merkel is facing huge pressure: she needs to bring divided European governments together to support a common line on refugees if she is to patch up a deep rift in her coalition in Berlin. But how can that be achieved? Guests this week: Thorsten Benner (GPPI), Monica Goracci (IOM), Raghida Bahnam (freelance journalist).
24 Jan 2019
Politics and art: Irish artist puts spotlight on migrant crisis.
27 Oct 2019
At a meeting in Malta, the three largest countries in the EU want to find a solution to the issue of distributing migrants. Will other countries follow their lead? Bernd Riegert reports.
20 May 2021
The migration crisis on the Spanish-Moroccan border likely has its roots in a long-running conflict that lies in about 2,000 kilometers (1242 miles) away. DW explains what's behind it.
29 May 2021
At least 6,600 of the more than 8,000 migrants who arrived at Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta this week have been sent back over the border to Morocco following a diplomatic dispute. Also, critically ill Covid-19 patients are more likely to die in Africa than elsewhere. Our correspondent in Cape Town explains why. And we bring you a report on how Bangui residents are dealing with a shortage of drinking water in the Central African Republic.