Saturday, 1st April 2023

East Africa braces for more locusts

Desert locusts have been ravaging East Africa. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization warns of a food crisis. The main response has been spraying the areas affected by pesticides. But more needs to be done.


4 Sep 2017
A Canadian field study suggests that the negative effects of neonicotinoids on bee colonies are worse than previously thought.
28 Sep 2019
A strange illness affecting Canadian and US diplomats in Havana may have been caused by exposure to pesticides, a study has said. US authorities had suspected the use of a secret sonic weapon.
28 Jan 2020
Ever more pesticides, many illegal, are being used in Turkey, according to a new Greenpeace study. Yet the tainted produce keeps ending up on European dinner tables, setting off alarm bells about serious health risks.
27 Feb 2021
Beekeepers in Colombia notice an increase in the number of dead bees, and suspect pesticides used in nearby monocultures are the cause of these untimely deaths.
13 Jan 2022
More and more pesticides are being sprayed worldwide with deadly consequences for humans and nature, a report finds.