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Earth’s changing pole position

By France24
26 February 2020   |   9:00 am
The magnetic north pole is moving faster and further than before. Generated over three thousand kilometers beneath the surface of the earth, changes there can impact our GPS systems. Geomagnetic field modeler for the British Geological Survey Dr William James Brown tells us about the movement and how we can adapt to it.


12 Apr 2017
Poland's Piotr Suchenia wins the world's coolest race, the 2017 North Pole Marathon.
24 Dec 2017
NORAD, the agency tasked with guarding North American airspace, broadcasts its “Santa Tracker”, allowing the public to follow the progress of a computer generated Santa Claus on his airborne sleigh.
13 Apr 2018
Scientists released this animation of a low flyover over Jupiter. It shows the cyclones and anticyclones on the planet’s polar regions. The data from Juno’s InfraRed Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) instrument was used to create a 3-D fly-around of the planet’s north pole.