Thursday, 23rd March 2023

Earthquake survivors face long delays for German visas

26 February 2023   |   11:50 am
Germany has eased visa conditions for some earthquake survivors. But many of the bureaucratic hurdles remain high.


1 Mar 2018
Authorities bulldoze makeshift shelters for victims of the 2015 earthquake in a bid to force them to return to their home villages.
11 Jan 2020
Students in India, Morocco and Cameroon had to wait over a year before getting a visa appointment to study in Germany, according to a report. The Greens slammed the growing wait times as "discouraging and demotivating."
21 Aug 2021
Survivors build makeshift tents at a football stadium in Les Cayes after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake killed more than 1,400 people in southern Haiti over the weekend. The impoverished Caribbean country is now at risk of flash flooding and mudslides as a storm, Tropical Depression Grace, bears down on it.