Tuesday, 16th August 2022
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Drink and drive: whisky waste powers Scottish trucks

A distillery in the Highlands of Scotland is using waste from its whisky production process to create biofuel for trucks. Managers at the distillery say the fuel has the potential to save about 250 tons of carbon emissions for trucks on the road.


18 Dec 2020
Court Of Appeal on drive to clear about 418, 420 pending matters
1 Jan 2021
European Union nations have begun mass vaccinations in an effort to put an end to the health crisis. Outside the EU, the UK, Switzerland and Serbia have already started inoculations.
12 Jan 2021
India stages nationwide drills to start one of the world's biggest coronavirus vaccination programmes as the drug regulator prepare to approve the first vaccine. In Bangalore, a participant of the dry drill says she has "no fear" getting the vaccine when it rolls out and says she will motivate others to get vaccinated. But some New Delhi residents still have mixed views about the vaccine programme.
23 Jan 2021
Officials say 60% of Africa's 1.3 billion people will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to achieve continentwide herd immunity. But, with cases surging, governments are scrambling to secure enough supplies.
30 Jan 2021
While vaccine skepticism persists in some sections of the population, most health workers in Delhi think that the vaccination drive is a step in the right direction.
30 Jan 2021
Nepal begin its COVID-19 vaccine drive from 120 centres across the country, after receiving a million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca's Covishield from India. Around 430,000 frontline workers including health professionals, those deployed in dead body and garbage management will be immunised in the first phase. The Ministry of Health and Population plans to complete the first phase in 10 days.
21 Feb 2021
Israel has led the world in its vaccination drive. As it moves forward, the country is also debating what to do with people who don't want to get the precious jab.
9 Mar 2021
Moving a few meters back and forth, the short trip was a mobility test for the Perseverance rover. It comes just two weeks after touching down on the red planet.
12 Mar 2021
Rights activists and medical experts have urged the government to take concrete actions to prevent underage marriages. Activists say poverty is one of the biggest push factors behind child marriage in Pakistan.
30 Apr 2021
Months after the delivery of half a million Astrazeneca vaccines, Ivory Coast is still struggling to get people into vaccination centres after suspicion and unfounded rumours have fuelled fears about getting the jab. And around 150,000 Burundian refugees are staying at camps in Tanzania after fleeing the violent political unrest in their homeland that began in 2015. Dodoma is trying to send them back, but many fear the country remains unsafe. Finally, South African film “My Octopus Teacher” schools its rivals and is named “Best Documentary” at the Oscars.
3 May 2021
France, with one of the highest infection rates in Europe, has been slow to vaccinate. Now large facilities to speed up the fight against the pandemic are bustling. DW visits a vaccination center at the Stade de France stadium north of Paris.
4 May 2021
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