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Dmitry Gudkov: ‘We have a choice between exile and jaiI’

The Russian opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov was forced to flee his country last week. Speaking from his exile in the Ukrainian capital, he told DW why.


2 Apr 2018
Sixty years ago the Dalai Lama fled Tibet, seeking refuge in the Indian town of Dharamshala after the Chinese took control of his country. Tibetan exiles want to commemorate the event, but India is under pressure from China to keep the tone muted.
15 Dec 2018
DR Congo Elections: Congolese citizens-in-exile to follow vote from afar.
17 Dec 2018
DR Congo elections: Congolese citizens-in-exile to follow vote from afar.
18 Jun 2019
Musicians of Venezuela Symphony Orchestra forced into exile.
20 Sep 2019
Tunisia's Ben Ali dies in exile
8 Jul 2020
“We stand in solidarity with the people in Hong Kong, absolutely,” the president of the Tibetan government-in-exile Lobsang Sangay said on the new security law imposed on the city by Beijing. He welcomed reports of deescalation in the Himalayas’ Galwan Valley where Indian and Chinese troops fought a brutal hand-to-hand battle on June 15, but warned verification is needed. “I think China wants to be number 1 in the world, and number 1 definitely in Asia, with no or distant number 2,” Sangay said.
29 Jul 2020
He was riddled with bullets before seeking exile in Beligum, but a political giant from Tanzania has now returned home. Tundu Lissu wants to run for president. But first, a new outbreak of violence in Darfur has killed more than 60 people, according to the UN. Sudan's prime minister says troops will be sent to the conflict-stricken region. And in DR Congo, the currency has lost 15 percent of its value in the past three months. The knock-on effect on ordinary Congolese is often severe, as our correpondents report.
4 Aug 2020
Spain's former King Juan Carlos, who is under investigation for corruption, announced he plans to go into exile, the royal palace says. of former king Juan Carlos
15 Dec 2020
Among the thousands of people fleeing the five-week-old conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region are a few dozen men, women and children from Eritrea, one of the world's most authoritarian states. They were already living as refugees in Tigray, which had long been a safe haven for them during years of conflict in Eritrea. But when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's government launched a military operation against Tigray's ruling party, the Eritrean refugees' illusion of safety was shattered as violence escalated around their camps.
5 Feb 2021
The children of former Gulag prisoners have been waiting for 30 years to "go home" and obtain housing in their home town, as the law promises them. Today, they often still live close to the former camps in remote areas. But after a verdict by the Constitutional Court calling for a quick solution, the bill presented to parliament remains insufficient, with a wait of another 30 years to come. The second reading of the bill, starting on 18 January, is the last chance to introduce the necessary amendments to unblock the situation.
8 May 2021
Paris's Cité Internationale des Arts is a creative microcosm, with international practitioners working alongside each other on projects that range from engraving to video art. Our reporters have been to see their latest group show, entitled "Répare Reprise". It seeks to unravel tumultuous events in Africa and the Middle East and reappropriate them using a range of media, including photography, textile art and painting.
15 Jun 2021
The Russian opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov was forced to flee his country last week. Speaking from his exile in the Ukrainian capital, he told DW why.