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Cyclone Vayu spares Indian west coast a direct hit, to skirt coast

By Reuters
15 June 2019   |   12:10 pm
A powerful cyclone that threatened the western Indian state of Gujarat, has changed course and it is now expected to just brush past the coast, authorities said on Thursday, although ports and coastal airports remained shut.


22 Jun 2019
Large parts of Mozambique were devastated when cyclone Idai swept across the country in early March. More than 1000 people died, hundreds of thousands are homeless, essential supplies are lacking. The port city of Beira was hit particularly hard. The government needs international aid for its reconstruction.
25 Jul 2019
About 1.6 million people in Mozambique are facing food insecurity in Mozambique after two cyclones killed hundreds and wrought widespread destruction earlier this year.
21 May 2020
Social distancing measures have hampered efforts to keep millions of people safe as the "super cyclone" threatens to make landfall within hours. Heavy rain has begun and widespread destruction is feared.
23 May 2020
Super cyclone Amphan has left more than 80 people dead and millions more evacuated or without electricity. "The situation is more worrying than the coronavirus pandemic," an Indian official said.
27 May 2020
Residents of the eastern Indian city are frustrated about the pace of cleanup efforts after Cyclone Amphan tore through the region. Authorities estimate the damage to reach billions of dollars.
28 May 2020
Hundreds of thousands in Bangladesh and India are still marooned after Cyclone Amphan last week destroyed coastal embankments and inundated tens of thousands of homes.
7 Jun 2020
Mumbai is bracing for a rare Arabian Sea cyclone, prompting coastal evacuations and transport suspensions. The 20-million hub has already been struggling for weeks with a major coronavirus outbreak.
19 Dec 2020
Cyclone Gati hit Somalia’s Puntland region, flooding homes and causing considerable damage. Heavy rains and strong winds triggered flash floods along coastal and inland areas, according to the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
27 Nov 2020
Government officials called the approaching Cyclone Nivar a "very severe cyclonic storm" which will bring high winds and flooding that will destroy homes. The region was already hit by a super cyclone earlier this year.
31 Jan 2021
Families in Mozambique have taken refuge in schools to escape the heavy winds and lashing rains of cyclone Eloise after it made landfall in the southern African country.
1 Feb 2021
Cylone Ana caused severe flooding across the Pacific island nation, forcing around 10,000 people to evacuate. The country's leader blamed climate change for the storm — the second to hit Fiji in as many months.
10 Apr 2021
Indonesian navy ships packed with aid have arrived in a cyclone-hit area of the country, as the death toll from the disaster rose above 200 people, including dozens killed in neighbouring East Timor.