Friday, 24th March 2023

Could the Syrian earthquake help rehabilitate Assad?

14 February 2023   |   10:04 am
In light of much-needed aid, President Bashar al-Assad accelerates his ambitions to end Syria's international isolation, have sanctions lifted and return to the international stage.


14 Apr 2017
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said his government handed over all its chemical weapons stockpiles in 2013 and could not have been behind last week's suspected sarin attack.
22 May 2017
Hundreds of Syrian rebels leave last opposition-held district of Homs, bringing control of the city back under President Assad for the first time since the outbreak of war.
24 Oct 2017
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was filmed with former dissidents as he met the country's soccer team upon their return from the World Cup qualifiers.
27 Oct 2017
A U.N. report finds that Syrian government forces were responsible for a sarin gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun in April. Dozens of people were killed.
9 Nov 2017
More than a dozen Syrians who suffered torture in Syrian jails are fighting for justice in Germany. They've filed complaints with German federal prosecutors accusing 17 alleged perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
21 Nov 2017
Following bilateral talks on the war in Syria, President Putin introduced his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad to the Russian Defence Military leadership, who are in Sochi for a series of meeting on Russia's military development and arms program.
5 Mar 2018
Amateur videos appear to show air strikes targetting eastern Ghouta and Syrian Civil Defence forces rescuing the wounded
15 Apr 2018
Syria's Assad tells Russian lawmakers Western strikes were act of aggression - Russian news agency.
22 May 2019
Some 128,000 people are thought to have been murdered in Syrian jails at the hands of the Assad regime. Thousands were tortured to death. Now, Europe is leading the charge to bring the perpetrators to justice.
4 Jan 2020
Some local farmers in South Africa's Eastern Cape switched to producing indigenous flowers to extract essential oils as an alternative source of income. The herbs require little water and help prevent desertification.
3 May 2020
Dubbed the "Butcher of Hama," Syria's Rifaat Assad is accused of embezzling millions in European real estate. Like him, many regional rulers have preferred to keep their European properties quiet.
18 Jun 2020
French authorities have seized €90 million of real estate from Rifaat Assad and sentenced him to four years in jail. The court found he stole vast sums from the Syrian public purse and laundered it across Europe.