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Colorado Trump fans embrace case of man facing deportation

01 November 2020   |   11:00 am
Susie and Wayne Payne support US President Donald Trump's closed-borders approach to immigration. Yet they are also fighting for one Guinean man's right to remain in the United States. Ines Pohl reports from Colorado.


1 Aug 2017
Man and his dog rescued from car in Colorado flash flood.
19 Sep 2017
The humanitarian crisis over Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority is worsening as India threatens to deport Rohingya refugees.
2 Nov 2017
Local police say multiple people have been shot inside a Walmart store in a Denver suburb.
2 Nov 2017
Multiple people have been shot inside a Walmart store in a Denver suburb, according to local police.
1 Jan 2018
A gunman opened fire on sheriff's deputies responding to a disturbance near Denver on Sunday, killing one of the officers before the suspect was fatally shot.
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A suspect is in custody for the shooting and killing of a deputy police officer near Denver, Colorado, after responding to a disturbance call.
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Kenya opposition politician says was dragged, assaulted in forced deportation.
17 Apr 2018
Yuser Alsalkini must leave Germany and apply for asylum in Italy. The Dublin Regulation requires her to apply for asylum in her country of entry, which, in her case, was Italy.
20 Jun 2018
The Senate, Thursday, ordered for the immediate deportation SAMSUNG Managing Director, Young Ho Jo, back to South Korea by the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS.
20 Jun 2018
The German government no longer sees any reason to delay deportations of rejected Afghan asylum-seekers, although the situation in Afghanistan remains unstable. DW meets a man who may have to return to the country his family was forced to flee.
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Furry guest surprised staff at The Stanley Hotel near Rocky Mountain with a casual stroll around the lobby.
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Deportation of Migrants: Nigeria task Cameroon to respect int'l treaties on refugees.