Monday, 23rd May 2022

Colombia debates what to do with Pablo Escobar’s hippos

Colombia is facing a dilemma over what to do with the hippos whom notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar first brought into the nation. Since his death almost 30 years ago, a growing population of hippos has been taking over the countryside near his former ranch.


6 Dec 2019
20 years ago local village chiefs in Ghana founded a conservation programme to protect pygmy hippos. The programme is a success and the number of hippos has increased from two to almost 40.
12 Feb 2020
We turn to Colombia, where the descendants of four hippos owned by Pablo Escobar are beginning to pose a safety and environmental hazard. But first, we look at what Chinese papers are calling a "decisive moment" in the fight against the coronavirus. We also look at revelations in French papers that Beijing has been withholding information on the virus. Plus we take a look at the winners, losers and upsets of the 92nd Oscars ceremony, which saw Bong Joon-ho's “Parasite” become the first non-English-language film to win best picture.
19 Jun 2020
Former Medellin cartel kingpin Carlos Lehder has been allowed to live in Germany after spending decades in a US jail for cocaine trafficking. The Colombian-German will be taken care of by a charity.