Saturday, 10th December 2022

Christians across the globe adapt rituals to mark Ash Wednesday

21 February 2021   |   2:33 pm
Churches around the world have changed their Ash Wednesday rituals to adapt to the ongoing pandemic. Ashes are traditionally daubed onto the forehead of worshippers, but priests have had to find new ways to observe the rite while respecting Covid-19 restrictions.


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Pope Francis on Wednesday told members of the Mafia in Italy, where many go to church and worship openly, that they cannot call themselves Christians because they "carry death in their souls."
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Just two days before the Christmas holiday, authorities will issue permits to Christians from Gaza to travel into Israel. Christian leaders in Jerusalem had condemned the travel ban and urged authorities to lift it.
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More than 260 million Orthodox Christians have found ways to celebrate their holiest day as church pews remained empty. But not everyone abided by coronavirus rules, with thousands taking part in services regardless.