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Can hemp help save the planet?

By France24
09 December 2020   |   11:00 am
Hemp and marijuana are often described as cousins because they come from the same cannabis plant. But unlike marijuana, hemp has low levels of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), meaning smoking it has little effect. Today hemp is recognised as one of the world's most ecological agricultural crops, prompting a comeback in Europe.


20 Dec 2016
11 Oct 2017
Senator representing Bayelsa East, Ben Bruce, has averred that he does not take Indian hemp, in spite of the fact that he sees many do so during his routine visits to the shrine.
14 Dec 2017
World leaders commit to carbon neutrality at the 'One Planet Summit'.
7 Apr 2018
The planet may have found its newest and perhaps greatest ally: the law. In the past three years, the number of climate-related lawsuits across the world has tripled. In 2017, there were 900 cases in 24 countries, two thirds of them in the United States.
21 Apr 2019
In the face of runaway climate chaos, governments around the world are in denial, say the activists hoping to land themselves in jail in defence of our planet — and the survival of our species.
29 Jun 2019
When the EU finally committed to banning an array of single-use plastics in March, it became part of a growing plastic-free movement that is seeing similar bans imposed from Vanuatu to Canada and Tanzania.
22 Sep 2019
World climate strike: Millions of students 'to the rescue' of the planet
13 Oct 2019
Scientists have spotted 20 small moons orbiting Saturn, pipping Jupiter as the planet with the most moons in the solar system — but there may be more moons that are yet to be discovered.
21 Oct 2019
Organic farming 'supersized': An imperfect solution for the planet?
8 Nov 2019
Thousands of U.S. farmers who rushed to plant newly legal hemp crops in hopes of cashing in now can't find buyers after the first harvest.
25 Nov 2019
Sir David Attenborough and Julian Hector, head of BBC Studios Natural History Unit, receive the 2019 Chatham House Prize presented by Queen Elizabeth II for their work on Blue Planet II, a nature documentary series on the damage ocean plastic pollution has on marine life.
23 Feb 2020
The Climate is never out of the headlines. Whether it is another storm wrecking havoc, with heavy rain, wind and flooding. Or hot, dry conditions leading to wild fires that burn out of control. The climate is a many-layered debate. Emmanuel Macron relaunched his climate cred with an announcement at Chamonix, on the Sea of Ice glacier that is melting more and more each Winter. And such "greenwashing" as it has been dubbed is not limited to politicians.