Thursday, 9th February 2023

British firms promise to compensate for slavery links

Two British companies with historical links to the slave trade have pledged to invest in projects supporting black and other minority ethnic communities. Lloyds and Greene King were listed on a slavery legacy database.


29 Nov 2017
There has been a global outrage against the slave trade in Libya after a CNN report exposed the evil act a few days back. The International Organization for Migration has confirmed that Africans trying to reach Europe were being sold by their captors in "slave markets" in Libya.
5 Dec 2017
After a global outcry of the slave trade in Libya, the Federal Government and the organization for migration, funded by the European Union has begun the evacuation of Nigerian migrants from the North African country to Nigeria.
5 Dec 2017
Veteran musician Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, on Monday, led a protest against the reported slave trade going on in Libya, where Nigerians are said to be among the thousands of victims.
24 Aug 2019
Over several centuries countless East Africans were sold as slaves by Muslim Arabs to the Middle East and other places via the Sahara desert and Indian Ocean. Experts say it is time for this to be discussed more openly.
12 Jul 2020
DR Congo and Madagascar mark six decades of independence from former colonial powers. The legacy of the damaging years of European colonialism continues to weigh heavily on the development of the African nations. Also, Benin commemorates those in its history who passed through its cities as they were sold into slavery. And Somalia celebrates its 60th year of independence from Italy by reopening long-closed cultural sites like its national theatre in Mogadishu.
25 Mar 2021
As the world marks the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery, more and more Portuguese with African roots are calling for a critical reappraisal of this dark chapter in history.