Wednesday, 8th February 2023

Brazil’s Bolsonaro and France’s Macron go head to head

The Brazilian president has accused Macron, and the other members of the G7, of treating Brazil like "a colony." This came after the leaders at the summit in Biarritz dedicated $20 million to the wildfires in the Amazon.


29 May 2017
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Bat pups can acquire colony-specific accents, based on their roost-mate dialects, providing further insights into speech acquisition in humans.
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Research published in the journal ZooKeys tells of a new species of exploding ant found in South East Asia's jungles.
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Protesters with a range of grievances have turned out to show their opposition to the G7 summit taking place in Quebec.
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27 Aug 2019
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Iran, trade and the Amazonian wildfires have dominated discussions at the summit of the group of advanced industrialized economies. Here are the key developments from the final day of the G7 meeting in Biarritz.
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G7 summit: Millions secured for women entrepreneurs in Africa
31 May 2020
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7 Mar 2021
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny is serving his two and a half years sentence for violating parole at penal colony no.2 in the provincial town of Pokrov, 100 kilometres east of Moscow. It is part of a sprawling network of some 684 work colonies that today holds some 393,000 prisoners. The system requires inmates to carry out menial labour for a meagre salary and is routinely flagged by Russian advocacy groups for imposing long working hours and overlooking harsh conditions.