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Bolivia: Key ministers resign ahead of presidential elections

By Abiodun Ogundairo
04 October 2020   |   1:43 pm
The sudden resignation of three ministers has revealed a deep split in interim President Jeanine Anez's administration. It is the latest crisis to rock her government before the country heads to the polls on October 18.


27 Oct 2019
Evo Morales, the longest-serving president in South America, is seeking a controversial fourth term in Bolivia's elections on Sunday. But polls suggest the leftist indigenous leader has a tough fight ahead of him.
24 Oct 2019
President Evo Morales has closed a 10-point margin of victory over his rival Carlos Mesa, who has accused the government of fraud. A sudden halt in the release of returns has stoked confusion and protests.
16 Nov 2019
The Organization of American States is sending a team to launch a "binding" audit of Bolivia's presidential election. The opposition accuses officials of manipulating the count to ensure the reelection of Evo Morales.
24 Nov 2019
The Bolivian government has issued a decree overturning a massive joint lithium project with southern German firm ACISA. The project is considered vital for the German auto industry's plans to develop electric batteries.
11 Nov 2019
Morales vowed a fresh vote and reformed the electoral body after the OAS uncovered grave "manipulations." But a call from the military for him to resign has upped the pressure on the leftist leader.
23 Nov 2019
Bolivia's president has hit out at police units in four regions for rebelling against the government amid mass protests. Evo Morales could struggle to get through his fourth term without the support of security forces.
12 Nov 2019
Bolivian authorities are under pressure to deliver a free and fair election after Evo Morales resigned amid anti-government protests and claims of electoral fraud. Here's what you need to know about the political crisis
16 Nov 2019
Bolivia: people power or military coup?
15 Nov 2019
Jeanine Anez has said that recently ousted president Evo Morales has no right to run in an upcoming national vote. The Latin America nation, however, remains divided over who should run the country.
15 Nov 2019
Who's who in Bolivia's political crisis
23 Nov 2019
Bolivia's interim leadership has ordered Cuban doctors to leave and cut ties with Venezuela's socialist government. It accused the two socialist allies of ousted President Evo Morales of stoking protests.
23 Nov 2019
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