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Bill Clinton on the Texas church shooting

By Reuters
07 Nov 2017   |   1:32 pm   |   1m 32s
Former President Bill Clinton mentioned the Texas church shooting during his keynote address at Georgetown University on Monday.

  • ade

    Thank you President Bill Clinton. Yes, as you said, “people dont talk enough to each other along the lines that divide them.” When that happens, then, somehow, violence may follow. Its sad that this young man was undergoing a mental torture as he was dishonorably discharged from the airforce and I guess, his career ruined. He then took it out on innocent others by giving them what he had inside of him:”death!” Its important to talk to one another when something goes wrong in peoples lives like, career problems(airforce dishonorable discharge), marital problems (the shooter was said to have assaulted his wife and child) or other heavy personal problems, and people giving him a 2nd chance or a shoulder to lean on. If every body in America became a Psychiatrist, they may not, be able to solve the mental torture some people, who are weaker, go through. Simple dialogue and forgiveness and giving people a second chance may help. In addition, remove the guns from the American society. Unfortunately, the “right to bear arms” as enshrined in their constitution has held the American people hostage and allowed repeated mass shootings. It will continue to happen. The last US surgeon general said,” guns contribute to killings and had become a public health issue.” But he was removed maybe from the influence of the powerful rifle association(NRA) involved in gun lobby. Dangerous guns are far too easy to obtain in America. Something needs to be done.

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