Tuesday, 3rd October 2023
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Berlin to give refuge to Rosa Parks’ Detroit House

Rosa Parks fled the American South for Detroit in the 1950s at the height of her civil rights struggle.


6 Apr 2017
Rosa Parks fled the American South for Detroit in the 1950s at the height of her civil rights struggle.
3 Aug 2017
With a plot centred on racial tensions and police brutality, "Detroit" is set to open in theatres nationwide.
21 Oct 2018
The remains of more than 60 infants and fetuses were found stashed in a Detroit funeral home, police said on Friday, calling the discovery “deeply disturbing.”
15 Jul 2019
Argo AI, Ford’s partner in developing its self-driving system (SDS), launches test drives of its third generation of development prototypes in Detroit. Volkswagen and Ford have announced a $7 billion collaboration on electric and self-driving vehicles. Two test specialists sit in the car as it drives on Detroit's streets.
29 Jun 2020
Moving the Detroit auto show from January to June this year was supposed to be a move toward a better future. It was going to be an entirely new concept with summer weather. The coronavirus stopped it in its tracks.
18 May 2021
Powerlifter Nora Langdon proved that it's never too late to start a new active lifestyle, as she shows at her favourite gym in Royal Oak, Michigan on Wednesday, April 28.
6 Nov 2022
A viral video on Twitter claims to show Barack Obama interrupted by 'F' Joe Biden chants from the audience during a democratic rally in Detroit. Former President Obama was interrupted by a heckler during his speech, however, the interruption had nothing to do with President Joe Biden. We tell you more in this edition of Truth or Fake.
19 Sep
We look at why US President Joe Biden is under pressure to join Detroit autoworkers on the picket lines as Donald Trump looks to woo them. Canadian papers react to PM Justin Trudeau's explosive statement accusing Indian government operatives of assassinating a Sikh leader on Canadian soil. Also: French papers discuss the link between social media and a wave of recent teenage suicides in France. We finish with a look at whether or not theft can be considered art.