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Bad news keeps on coming for Sarkozy

By France 24
31 March 2018   |   6:30 am
The French press writes about former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy who is finding himself in increasingly hot water with the justice system. British papers, meanwhile, cover the improving health status of Yulia Skripal, who was targeted along with her father in a poison attack.


20 Dec 2020
The trial of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is so important, partly due to his superstar status here in France. So says Bruno Cautrès, a researcher at CEVIPOF, the political research centre at Sciences Po University in Paris. Sarkozy is set to make history as the first ever former French president to face corruption charges. The 65-year-old is still idolised by many on the right and continues to claims he's being persecuted as he faces a number of different legal cases against him.
20 May 2021
Sarkozy could be sentenced to prison if convicted of spending nearly double the allowed amount on his 2012 campaign. The former president was already found guilty of corruption in a separate trial.
2 Apr
From the intelligence communities' take on Ukraine, to the November 2015 Paris attacks trial, to French politics, we take a look at how being (relatively) silent is being addressed in the press. We also find out why where you grow up can determine your sense of direction, or lack of it.