Thursday, 28th September 2023

AstraZeneca COVID vaccine shows positive results in Lancet study

Oxford University and AstraZeneca are the first vaccine makers to publish peer-reviewed results in a scientific journal. While they appear less promising than rival mRNA vaccines, it's a far cheaper and simpler serum.


20 Mar 2021
The list of European countries suspending the jab from the part-Swedish pharmaceutical giant is growing. Meanwhile, the WHO says lockdowns could be fatal for premature babies. Follow DW for the latest.
20 Mar 2021
Spain is suspending the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for at least a fortnight, the health minister says, becoming the latest European country to do so over blood clot fears.
20 Mar 2021
People in London who have received the AstraZeneca jab say they are not worried, even though several countries have suspended the vaccine’s distribution over blood clot concerns. The World Health Organization however recommends continuing with its administration.
21 Mar 2021
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says "it's the best thing for you, the best thing for your family and for everybody else" after receiving a first dose of AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine. de Boris Johnson après avoir reçu une première dose du vaccin Covid d'AstraZeneca
22 Mar 2021
Scientists at Greifswald teaching hospital claim they have discovered the cause of blood clots among a small number of AstraZeneca vaccine recipients. Doctors say a targeted treatment can now be used.
27 Mar 2021
A poll has revealed that confidence in AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine is falling sharply in many European countries. The survey comes at a time when reports of the shot being linked to blood clots are causing concern.
31 Mar 2021
The risk of blood clots in younger recipients of the AstraZeneca vaccine is still a cause for concern for Canada's health authority. Follow DW for the latest.
1 Apr 2021
The AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine should only be routinely given to people over the age of 60, Germany's federal and state health ministers have decided.
11 Apr 2021
British regulators have found 30 cases involving rare blood clot events after the use of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine — 25 more than was reported last month. All the latest here.
21 Apr 2021
AstraZeneca has delivered less than a quarter of the doses of the coronavirus vaccine it initially promised to the bloc.
28 Apr 2021
The United States will release up to 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says at her daily briefing. The Food and Drug Administration will perform quality checks over the next few months on US-produced doses before they are sent abroad, she adds. But, she explains, "Just to be clear, right now we have zero doses available of AstraZeneca."
10 May 2021
AstraZeneca jabs will soon be available to all adults who wish to get the shot, after German officials lifted age restrictions.