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As Russia battles coronavirus, its military pushes ahead with recruitment

01 December 2020   |   10:58 am
The Russian government has vowed to protect its military conscripts, but service and living conditions heighten the risk of COVID-19 infection. Recruits and their families are pushing back.


29 Oct 2017
Enugu State government recruits 857 voluntary teachers.
9 Feb 2018
Transgender people will be allowed for the first time to enlist in the U.S. military starting on Monday.
30 Jan 2018
The group calling itself Islamic State is facing major setbacks in Iraq and Syria, and many of the fighters who flocked to join IS are now returning home.
15 Aug 2018
"For Human Rights," an NGO led by Lev Ponomaryov, is fighting to keep afloat. The NGO advises relatives of young people accused of being extremists under vague anti-extremism legislation that has left room for broad interpretation.
7 Jan 2019
The smiling host of "Simply Helena" takes viewers behind the scenes of her daily life as a Berlin police trainee, from weapons to work-wear. The videos have pumped up some aspiring officers, but not everyone is happy.
22 May 2019
The Central African Republic reached a peace deal with 14 armed groups following talks in February this year. The country's armed forces has now begun a recruitment exercise in order to swell its ranks.
9 Feb 2020
Germany's health system has a problem: there are not enough nurses. Thousands of positions remain unfilled. That's why clinics and recruitment companies are increasingly looking for staff abroad. For the first time now also in Africa. Our correspondent Adrian Kriesch reports from Namibia.
16 Feb 2020
Over the past year in France, the Yellow Vest protest movement often descended into violence, with some police officers facing criticism for what many saw as their heavy-handed response. Our France 2 colleagues Ambrine Bdida and Mathieu Hauville take us behind the scenes of the French national police training academy, where some 330 new recruits are being prepared for the unique challenges of a demanding job.
12 Jan 2021
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6 Apr 2022
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