Saturday, 10th December 2022

An uneasy calm as Kazakhstan returns to normalcy

After the violent unrest of early January, calm has returned to Kazakhstan. Many people, however, have complained of excesses during the state of emergency — including illegal arrests and searches.


2 Apr 2018
Normalcy returns to Muna Zalmuya after a terror attack.
7 Jun 2018
German astronaut Alexander Gerst is set to take off abroad a Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan's Baikonur spaceport for his second trip into space. DW's Juri Rescheto has been following preparations for the ESA mission "Horizons" up close.
4 Nov 2018
Ten-year-old Ali Turganbekov, who was born without legs, poses for picture with his idol Neymar Jr and plays football with Edinson Cavani during a meeting organised by PSG Foundation.
10 Jun 2019
There is a sense of excitement about the presidential election — the first without long-term president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. But the opposition fears nothing will change just yet. Emily Sherwin reports from Kazakhstan.
27 Jun 2019
Kazakhstan's newly-elected President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev signaled a sharp change in policy, telling Bloomberg there will be no more bank bailouts and pledging a “political transformation” in the country.
23 Oct 2019
Escaped Lion back in its cage as normalcy restored in Kano Zoo.
27 Dec 2019
A passenger plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Almaty airport in Kazakhstan, the government says. The Central Asian country's emergencies committee said that 100 people were on board the Bek Air plane, including five staff.
28 Dec 2019
A plane carrying 93 passengers and five crew members has crashed near Almaty in southeastern Kazakhstan. Dozens of people have survived the crash with injuries.
2 Mar 2020
Police in authoritarian Kazakhstan detain more than 60 people in the Central Asian country's largest city, after an activist's death in jail triggered diplomatic condemnation and calls for anti-government rallies.
12 Jul 2020
Kazakhstan imposes a second round of nationwide restrictions to counter a huge surge in coronavirus cases, a measure that authorities could choose to extend.
2 Sep 2021
As India cautiously reopens schools months after a devastating coronavirus surge, officials say the benefits of education now outweighs the risk to public health.
8 Jan
While tensions in Kazakhstan continue to grow, the world is trying to understand what is behind the unrest. Under authoritarian rule, the former Soviet republic has escaped the global spotlight for decades.