Friday, 9th December 2022

Alaska’s finest and fattest compete for coveted Fat Bear title

By France24
04 October 2022   |   1:47 pm
We bring you reactions from the illustrated press to ongoing protests in Iran after the death of a woman in custody of the morality police.


8 Apr 2017
China's Xi Jinping stops in Alaska after visiting with U.S. President Donald Trump.
6 May 2017
A Mexican who weighs more than half a ton gets ready to receive surgery from losing weight.
1 Aug 2017
Eyewitnesses have described a gruesome murder scene following the death on a cruise ship of 39-year-old Kristy Manzanares, with her husband now in custody and charged with her murder.
23 Jan 2018
Police on Kodiak Island in Alaska have warned residents to seek high ground after an earthquake in the region triggered fears of a tsunami on the North American west coast.
10 Jun 2019
Kigali Center Photography will today inaugurate a 9 day long celebration of photography and the importance of images dubbed “Kigali Photo Fest”, an event created to recognise and nurture photography as an Art. Jackes Nkinzingabo, Founder of Kigali Center for Photography joins CNBC Africa for more.
6 Sep 2019
'From Asia's finest to Hong Kong's most hated': Police brutality galvanizing protesters
19 Mar 2021
In the first meeting between Biden administration officials and China, China said the US was exhibiting a "Cold War mentality," while the US said Beijing's actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan were concerning.
23 Mar 2021
China tried to frame its first high-level meeting with the Biden administration as a step towards mending ties. But the US has been clear it wants to rally a global alliance to confront "threats" from Beijing.
31 Jul 2021
The US Geological Survey said the quake measured 8.2, triggering a tsunami warning for the US Pacific territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.