Wednesday, 7th June 2023

AfD in hot water with US museum over campaign billboard

The Berlin chapter of the far-right party recently unveiled a billboard featuring a painting owned by the museum to rail against Muslim immigrants. The Clark Art Institute has called for AfD to stop using the image.


26 Jan 2017
Rights advocates lead protest in New York City against President Donald Trump's planned executive actions to ban Muslim immigrants from some countries and restrict refugees.
29 Jun 2017
Afghan-American artist Aman Mojadidi's interactive art installation 'Once Upon a Place' creates a platform for immigrant voices in the middle of Times Square.
25 Dec 2017
Pope Francis conducts the traditional Christmas Eve midnight mass at St Peter's Basilica.
4 Feb 2018
Archaeologists in Peru have unearthed three 19th century mummies of Chinese immigrants buried 3.2 feet deep in the Lima district of Carabayllo.
26 Nov 2018
Over 60 percent of Nigerian emigrants are from Edo state, says Gov Obaseki
28 Jan 2019
Germany's federal police reportedly caught thousands of migrants trying to enter the country illegally on buses or trains in 2018. Most of the migrants entered the country from neighboring Austria.
3 Feb 2019
Figures seen by DW show how many people were caught by German Federal Police after they entered the country illegally between January and November 2018. The total number of illegal arrivals is probably higher.
14 Apr 2019
A new study says that Germans with an immigrant background trust the country's political system, but lack the confidence to engage with it. Political analyst Jan Schneider talks to DW about how this could change.
11 Sep 2019
'The Ungrateful Refugee': Breaking down misconceptions about immigrants
27 Nov 2019
The Japanese government puts undesired immigrants in deportation detention centers for prolonged periods of time. That is not about to change even after a hunger strike death, says Martin Fritz from Tokyo.
26 Dec 2019
Austrian court repeals decision to cut welfare for immigrants not learning German
15 Feb 2021
US President Joe Biden has already kept a lot of the promises he made during his campaign. Many people are now expecting a radical change in the country's immigration policies that could give undocumented immigrants a path out of the shadows.