Thursday, 1st June 2023

Abuse of power: The psychology of abusive relationships

Abuse of power is common. But it's difficult to spot, you may not even realize that you're doing it yourself. Here are some common psychological traits.


28 May 2019
Despite the urgency of a 'climate emergency' we're nowhere near fulfilling the Paris agreement. Why are we so reluctant to act? Climate psychologist Per Espen Stoknes says we need to move away from pointing blame.
5 Jun 2020
Protests were being held outside the White House, in New York and many major cities. Meanwhile, the EU said the killing of George Floyd was an "abuse of power." Read about how the protests unfolded here.
15 Jan 2022
On the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the US' first detainees at Guantanamo Bay, DW spoke about the situation with a human rights expert as well as the man tasked with closing the prison back in 2013.
15 Jul 2022
It may seem sweet when your lover wants to be by your side all the time. But when does this behaviour become possessive, manipulative, or even abusive? Join us on the first episode of our all new podcast, Don't Hold Back, where gender-based violence survivor and activist Lona Bawuti shares her story with host Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba.
20 Nov 2022
From combining African traditional spirituality with Western clinical psychology, to almost becoming a Christian pastor to reckoning with his own sexuality, psychologist Anele Siswana is truly an exceptional human being. He tells Nozibele Qamngana Mayaba how he got to where he is, and where his journey is taking him.
15 Jan
The sexual abuse scandal in Germany's Catholic Church continues as a leading cardinal offers his resignation to Pope Francis. So, can the church be reformed? Guests: Anna Diouf (Maria 1.0), Max Cappabianca (priest), Matthias Katsch (abuse survivor organisation)