Monday, 30th January 2023

1923: How Weimar combatted hyperinflation

100 years ago, prices in Germany were soaring by 50% each month, a loaf of bread cost millions of mark. How did the young republic rein in inflation?


22 Jan 2019
In 1919, German women voted for the first time — in an election that was to play a pivotal role in the country's history. It came on the heels of the disastrous Great War and the year before Hitler formed the Nazi party.
19 Apr 2021
With Venezuela's official currency plummeting for years, both the government and cryptocreators are trying to stem the rot with digital tokens. For ordinary Venezuelans, the cryptoboom also means regaining freedom.
13 Aug 2021
The Lebanese currency has lost up to 90% of its value, and prices are soaring. Most Lebanese are fighting a daily battle for survival and only a few profit from the skyrocketing exchange rates for the US dollar.