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Youths seek shift in power from older generation

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11 June 2017   |   7:47 am
Youths seek shift in power from older generation.


21 Oct 2020
#Endsars: Ooni begs youths to retreat, to allow for the implementation of reforms
23 Oct 2020
Here are a few reasons to pick up a copy of The Guardian on Saturday⁣⁣⁣. Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on Saturday.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
13 Dec 2020
Patricia and Mathilde wanted to work abroad, while Christian had planned to take part in international music competitions. The coronavirus pandemic has forced them to change their plans. How are they coping?
18 Jan 2021
Tunis and at least five other Tunisian cities saw violent demonstrations linked to the 10-year anniversary of the Jasmine Revolution that ousted the country's longtime ruler.
1 Feb 2021
Onome Ebi has come from humble beginnings to represent Nigeria in five World Cups. But her difficult journey to the top has made her want to help other promising young female footballers make it to the top.
28 Jan 2021
Customs vows to leverage on technology for revenue generation
21 Feb 2021
A new generation of pro-democracy protesters in Myanmar is diverse, social media savvy and more connected to the world. Will it make a difference?
4 Apr 2021
President Joe Biden unveils a $2 trillion infrastructure plan aimed at modernizing America's crumbling transport network, creating millions of jobs and delivering a "once-in-a-generation" investment that will enable the country to best China on the global economic stage.
1 May 2021
112 youths to benefit from $250,000 startup program
14 May 2021
A new generation of female politicians in Kosovo are pushing hard for equality in a country where few women own property yet alone work outside of their homes. Also an UN report reveals millions of women across dozens of developing nations are denied control over their own bodies such as the right to use contraception or seeking health care. Annette Young talks to Marie Ba from the Ouagadougou Partnership which promotes family planning in nine Francophone countries in West Africa.
4 Jul 2021
The opening of the largely virtual forum at the Elysee Palace will include remarks from Emmanuel Macron and Kamala Harris. The conference has been initiated by the UN body fighting to empower women.
9 Jul 2021
Yusuf Lado had not yet learned to read or write when his school closed for fear of attacks by armed gangs, which have been snatching students across northwest Nigeria in hopes of lucrative ransom payouts. The 7-year-old has now set aside his dream of becoming a doctor and is training to be a welder, despite his slight build.