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Why I won’t support Nigeria’s disintegration — Sultan

By OakTV
25 Aug 2017   |   5:36 am   |   0m 52s
The Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar has urged Nigerians to pay attention to issues that unite us rather than those that divide us.

  • Christopher Adodo

    He is talking like a colonialists,
    because he is afraid of change. And during the last administration, Nigerians came together to discuss restructuring, but he is not telling Nigerians what happened to that documents.
    And he is now advocating another gathering of Nigerians to discuss same issue. So, he is not straight forward to the Nigerian people.

  • Johnny Oraefo

    Let the Sultan start the good preaching from his own backyard. The Arewa youths are threatening Igbos to quit northern section of the country, and those are the master-minding (thoughts) of the Arewa Elders, and what statements have been made by the Sultan? None!!! Please let people stop deceiving themselves!!!

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