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‘We Are Sorry’ PDP apologises to Nigerians for past mistakes

By Channels
26 Mar 2018   |   2:35 pm   |   2m 31s
'We Are Sorry' PDP apologises to Nigerians for past mistakes.

  • Green

    You say APC lies to cover previous lies…. what did PDP do for 16 years and why are you apologizing? Why now? Did you also use lies to cover lies? Rubbish apologies…. Nigerians are wiser.

  • Omotosho Oluwabusuyi Oladotun


    *PDP seeks forgiveness for past mistakes, promises genuine change* PDP has put us (Nigerians) to the situation we are today by mismanaging our resources and looting our monies… Giving PDP another chance to rule Nigeria is like coming out of fry pan to fire. No way for PDP again. My advice for them it is to refund all the public funds they have stolen.

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