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S.O.N seizes two container loads of fake bulbs

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13 May 2017   |   2:45 pm
S.O.N Seizes Two Container Loads Of Fake Bulbs


26 Apr 2017
An entrepreneur duo in Cairo are repurposing discarded shipping containers and transforming them into living spaces and stores.
13 May 2017
S.O.N Seizes Two Container Loads Of Fake Bulbs
24 May 2017
Arms proliferation - customs intercepts container load of rifles.
29 May 2017
Substandard domestic items - S.O.N arrests dealer in fake consumables.
17 Jun 2017
The US navy says several crew members are missing after the missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine-flagged container ship in Japan's Tokyo Bay.
9 Jul 2017
Container crushes commercial bus,killing five people in Ojota.
15 Sep 2017
A container village in a hangar at Berlin's Tempelhof Airport was set up as a temporary housing solution for Germany's migrants.
14 May 2018
The vertical farming market in 2016 was valued at somewhere between $1.5-$2 billion and it has people growing food in places like skyscrapers, warehouses, and yes, shipping containers, which is just what Boston-based Freight Farms is doing.
1 Dec 2018
Besides being a singer, Stanley Aneto is also creative in other ways without harming the environment and paints with different-colored lights. Through his art and music, he reminds us of the need to care for nature.
1 Jun 2019
S.O.N. urges manufacturers to obtain product certification.
15 Jun 2019
A 136-year-old wooden schooner had only just emerged from a €1.5-million renovation when it was sunk by a container ship near Hamburg. The accident would likely have been fatal if rescuers hadn't been in the area.
13 Jun 2019
Housing has become a major problem in many cities across the world and this includes Nigerian. Olaoluwa Bamishile speaks about solving Nigeria's housing shortage with container homes.