Thursday, 28th October 2021

Protecting Cyberspace: Senate committe Organises 3 day event to create more awareness

By Abiodun Ogundairo
17 October 2020   |   2:52 pm
Protecting Cyberspace: Senate committe Organises 3 Day Event To Create more Awareness


20 Oct
Villagers count the dead after gunmen from a suspected criminal gang attacked the village market in Goronyo in northwest Nigeria's Sokoto state, killing 43 people.
22 Oct
A year ago, Akinwunmi hoisted a pole bearing the Nigerian and ENDSARS flags above his head to draw attention to the protest movement against police brutality in Lagos. Now known by thousands as Flagboii, Akinwunmi keeps waving his flag to "fight for a good country."
4 days ago
The third such major attack this year in Nigeria resulted in over 800 inmates being freed from a state prison. Police have since managed to rearrest more than 200 escapees.