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Port Congestion, lack of national carrier worry operators

By TVC News Nigeria
01 December 2019   |   5:21 pm
The Nigeria Institute of Shipping has called for urgent actions to decongest Nigerian ports and re-establish a national carrier for faster development of the maritime industry.


14 May 2018
The vertical farming market in 2016 was valued at somewhere between $1.5-$2 billion and it has people growing food in places like skyscrapers, warehouses, and yes, shipping containers, which is just what Boston-based Freight Farms is doing.
25 Oct 2018
Nigeria is the most expensive country in the world to ship goods according to a report by MoverDB.com, an online resource for international shipping.
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The US increased pressure on Venezuela's oil industry with more sanctions on its shipping companies. Meanwhile, the pursuit of Venezuela's former spy chief took a turn in Spain.
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Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president of global industries, clients, platforms, and blockchain at IBM, and Bloomberg Intelligence's Lee Klaskow discuss the use of blockchain technology in the global shipping industry.
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The shipping industry has long been one of the most important to the world economy, and one of the most destructive to the environment. New regulations come into effect on January 1 which could have a profound impact.
30 Oct 2020
Two suspected people smugglers were arrested in Serbia after authorities in Paraguay discovered the bodies of seven men in a shipping container. Serbian officials believe the suspects tried to get the men into the EU.
11 Nov 2020
Port users accuse customs, shipping companies of frustrating trade facilitation
28 Mar 2021
The global shipping industry has warned there could be days of disruption, after a massive container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal. More than 10 percent of global trade passes through the strategic waterway. Also in today's show: diplomatic tensions threaten to derail a massive investment deal between the EU and China, and US donut chain Krispy Kreme tries to sweeten the deal for Covid-19 vaccinations.
9 Aug 2022
Industrial production tends to decrease when the Rhine River remains as low as it currently is, challenging Germany's industry to deal with heightened tensions around supply chains and other resources.
27 Aug 2022
Shipping on Rhine has slowed to a trickle: DW's Ashutosh Pandey
9 Nov 2022
The United States and Norway "challenge" highly polluting shipping sector to reduce emissions at UN climate summit.
25 Nov 2022
For more than two years the only way for container shipping prices was up. That trend is now reversing as backlogs at ports dissolve and supply chain snarls ease. But nothing's ever going to be back to normal.