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Obiano commissions 24 hours multi purpose facility in Awka

By Channels
09 Jul 2017   |   5:30 am   |   2m 13s
Obiano commissions 24 hours multi purpose facility in Awka.

  • Johnny Oraefo

    This trend of progress in our State of Anamba should continue. Let us put our hands,heads, hearts, vision and what have you to gether in order to continue with this trend of excellence. Let us think about agriculture which was our major income earning before the dawn of oil in 1956 or thereabout. Let us be intent of the fact,that we want our State of Anambra to be a “TRAILBLAZER”, when it comes to development and the likes. And let the government of Anambra consider certain incentives for the individuals trying to bring mechanized agriculture to our State so that other States in Nigeria can emulate us. The bottom-line is the fact that Willie Obiano is working. Please, keep it up!!!! Elder Johnny Oraefo (Anambrarian living in the United States of America-The Land Of Opportunity!)

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