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NULGE members continue demand for autonomy

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09 September 2017   |   5:29 pm
NULGE members continue demand for autonomy.


29 Mar 2017
LG autonomy - NULGE holds rally In Lagos.
29 Jun 2017
Adamawa NUT members reject LGA autonomy.
15 Jul 2017
Teachers seek full autonomy of local government administration.
22 Jul 2017
LGA Chairmen renew call for autonomy.
27 Jul 2017
LGA autonomy is long overdue - Richard Nwankwo
9 Sep 2017
NULGE members continue demand for autonomy.
23 Sep 2017
NULGE meets with Anambra Governor over LG autonomy.
20 Oct 2017
Madrid has announced it will trigger a constitutional measure on Saturday allowing it to take direct control of Catalonia's governance after the autonomous region's leader ignored a Thursday deadline to rescind his ambiguous declaration of independence made last week.
8 Jul 2018
The construction of a new high-speed rail station in Hong Kong has many residents worried that mainland China is chipping away at the city's autonomy. Do the increasing numbers of mainland tourists and investors pose a threat to Hong Kong's autonomy?
31 Oct 2018
The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has given the Federal Government up to November 6, 2018, to meet their demands for workers’ pay raise or face an indefinite strike by the workers.
3 Apr 2019
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam discusses the trade negotiations between the U.S. and China, how the negotiations have impacted Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s trading status with the U.S., property prices, the housing market, Hong Kong’s autonomy and her outlook for the Greater Bay area.
22 Jul 2019
Media in Hong Kong have released video footage showing masked assailants attacking commuters in a subway station. For a seventh weekend, thousands demanded more autonomy from China as police fired tear gas at protesters.