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Nothing wrong with publishing alleged looters list – Sagay

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09 April 2018   |   11:21 am
Nothing wrong with publishing alleged looters list - Sagay


6 Jul 2017
The Nigerian government says it will heed a court order asking it to immediately make public, information on the names of high-ranking public officials from whom public funds have been recovered, circumstances under which the funds were recovered.
15 Feb 2018
Tax Amnesty Scheme - No plan of reprieve for looters - Adeosun
16 Oct 2017
President, Muhammadu Buhari will be attending the grand finale of the All Progressives Congress.
24 Oct 2017
How Nigerian looters laundered corrupt proceeds in UK.
31 Mar 2018
Anti-corruption fight - assessing FG's list of alleged looters.
31 Mar 2018
Fight against corruption - FG lists names of alleged looters.
6 Apr 2018
Wike criticises FG for publishing names of alleged looters.
7 Apr 2018
FG's looters list is uninspiring, diversionary - Bishop Kukah.
9 Apr 2018
Nothing wrong with publishing alleged looters list - Sagay
2 Jun 2018
President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in Abuja signed the “Not Too Young to Run Bill” into law with a charge to the youths to utilise the opportunity provided by the new law to leave their mark on the political space.
15 Oct 2018
Fifty high profile Nigerians have been restricted from travelling abroad as the Federal government of Nigeria is seeking to implement Executive Order six, which was recently upheld by a Federal High Court in Abuja.
15 Feb 2019
If elected, looters will payback, Buhari assures Abuja voters.