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Northern group demands UN intervention to resolve Biafra issue

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15 February 2018   |   2:57 pm
Northern group demands UN intervention to resolve Biafra issue.


8 Mar 2017
ECOWAS Community Court of Justice dismissed the Nigerian Government’s preliminary objections in the suit filed by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu and two others for the enforcement of their fundamental human rights.
26 May 2017
Osinbajo, Obasanjo attends Biafra at 50.
20 Jun 2017
Osinbajo warns Arewa, Biafra agitators against divisive rhetoric.
20 Jun 2017
Biafra, Arewa youths ultimatum unlawful, impermissible - Nigerian Senators
20 Jun 2017
The Senate urges Nigerians to desist from actions and utterances capable of jeopardising the corporate existence of the country.
6 Jul 2017
Biafra is a narrative based on elite sharing, not production - Chidi Odinkalu
6 Jul 2017
Nnamdi kanu speaks on agitations for Biafra.
15 Feb 2018
Northern group demands UN intervention to resolve Biafra issue.
2 Sep 2017
On May 30, 1967, General Emeka Ojukwu declared Nigeria’s southeastern Biafra region an independent state, sparking what would become a bloody civil war that claimed more than one million lives. Fifty years on, many veterans from both sides of the conflict have taken their stories to the grave, but FRANCE 24 managed to meet with some who shared their memories of bravery, desertion and near-death experiences.
20 Sep 2017
Throwback: No need for another Biafra war - Ojukwu
19 Oct 2017
The leader of a separatist movement in Nigeria has failed to appear in court at the start of his treason trial. He hasn't been seen in public since soldiers allegedly invaded his home in mid-September.
3 Nov 2017
In southeastern Nigeria, the separatist IPOB wants a referendum like the unofficial one recently held in Catalonia. But those who remember the Biafran War of fifty years ago worry about rushing into a referendum that could lead to armed conflict.