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Nigerian Senate threatens sack EFCC officer for slapping Innoson Motors boss

By OakTV
22 Dec 2017   |   5:54 am   |   2m 13s
Nigerian Senate threatens sack EFCC officer for slapping Innoson Motors boss.

  • Otu Ekpenyong

    This sort of inglorious treatment meted out to a man who has put in his all for the growth and expansion of the automotive industry and the Nigerian economy is most barbaric and should be addressed by the President himself.

    • Aloysius Nwabueze Obeta

      My brother, do you not remember that those who killed southern women in Kano, kaduna and abuja are never even prosecuted? What is slapping?Nothing will happen!

      • Arabakpura

        If that is the case, the people should where possible deal with the EFCC officers! If they were bold, why couldn’t they arrest the ex DG DSS and his NIA counterpart?

  • inaku

    This allegations should be thoroughly investigated and appropriate just punishment be meted out to whoso deserves any. Laws and order must be obeyed in this country.

  • Aloysius Nwabueze Obeta

    Rubbish, was she not slapped by arewa officer? Nothing will happen. We shall see!

  • Johnny Oraefo

    This type of thing that has happened to a young man who’s made Nigeria proud single-handedly(The chairman, Innoson Motors), by sending barbarians to go and arrest him in his own compound,for no just reasons, and not only that, both Mr. Innocent Chukwuma and his wife were physically abused. If this is the case, and if Mr Buhari fails to respond to this case, it’s time for him to resign his position as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is in fact the time to expect God’s judgment on Nigeria. Enough is enough! If Nigeria were ruled and guided by someone who has fear of God in him, and who respects human dignity, this type of thing,can never be heard or seen anywhere in the world, It’s only in Nigeria can this type of thing can happen. Therefore, regardless of what Mr. Buhari says or does, the Nigerian Senate must see to it that the head or leader of the so called EFCC must go. It is the law makers that decide what happens in any civilized society, and not for a single individual like Mr Buhari to make or unmake. It has saddened my spirit to see ugly events still rearing their heads in Nigeria.In fact, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

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